Advisor Types

Bad Ass Advisors can help you find different types of advisors based on your current needs. We currently support nine types of advisors to help your business grow. Once you've written your advisor brief we'll match you with an advisor in our network.

Advisor Type: Mentor
Description:  Helps younger companies grow by focusing on the people, process and growing pains that come with hypergrowth

Advisor Type: Fundraiser+
Description: Helps firms fundraise and refine business plans

Advisor Type: Design Specialist
Description: Understands the importance of design, interface and user experience and inspires teams to incorporate great design into their product thinking

Advisor Type: Marketing Specialist
Description: Knows the in and outs of marketing, has shipped and/or has been responsible for marketing product and specializes in one or more marketing skills

Advisor Type: Operations Specialist
Description: Knows how to set up and scale critical internal processes

Advisor Type: Sales/Business Development Specialist
Description: An experienced, connected guru who knows their space, can facilitate partnerships, has contacts and can make an immediate difference in how the company reaches its next customers

Advisor Type: Engineering Specialist
Description: Senior technologists, deep in their respective domain expertise, are invaluable to younger teams that haven’t been there done that yet

Advisor Type: Talent Specialist
Description: Helps firms build their teams, working with and without recruiters and knows how to attract incredible talent

Advisor Type: Luminary
Description: A respected leader in their space who speaks, blogs and/or consults widely and while busy, is very willing to engage quarterly with companies


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