What happens after I'm matched?

Once we've found you a match, we'll send you an email introducing you to your advisor. The email contains a link to your brief as well as your profile. Here is some advice to make the most out of your match:

  • Review your advisor's profile and start to think about questions you'd like to ask them about how they can help you.
  • Respond to the email intro and schedule some time to chat. Don't be disheartened if your advisor doesn't respond straight away and be prepared to follow up a few times.
  • Our model encourages trying our your advisor for 'free' for 30 days. Make the most of this and see if this could be a happy relationship.

If it goes well, you can create an agreement to formalize the relationship. We've got lawyer approved documents that you can edit with your advisor here.

If it doesn't work out, let us know and we will do our best to match you again.

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