What is the Bad Ass Advisor Framework?

The Bad Ass Advisor Framework are simple guidelines to help you make the most out your advisory relationships:

  • Clear expectations. Both parties clearly specify what the goals, activities, and time commitments of the relationship are. We call this ‘cadence’. Sounds like a no-brainer, but you'd be surprised how infrequently this happens.
  • 30-day "dating" period. If the relationship doesn't work, no compensation is due and the agreement expires.
  • 2-year working term. 4-year vesting is great for employees and directors, but the advisor's expertise has a shorter half-life. After the initial 2 years, the advisor remains loosely available to the company but with a dramatically reduced time commitment.
  • Stock vests monthly, as it is earned. Advisors get the company's stock option agreement and paper.

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